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Premium Gift Products

By Ken Adachi <E-mail>

Write Down this Mirror web site address of in Switzerland in case you cannot access any page at this web site (our thanks to Stephanie Meier for maintaining this mirror):

It's best to send an E-mail to confrim the correct postage before sending in your request.

Contact Info:

K. Adachi
P.O. Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Voice Mail: (949) 544-1375

E-mail: Ken Adachi, Editor (

**Always enclose an itemized list of Premium gifts desired with your mailed in donation **
    (Please do not send a donation without a note telling me what items you are interested in. This causes a lot of unnecessary delay)           

Please Read Carefully Before Ordering:
The following products are offered as premium gifts in consideration of donations. The minimum donation requested is printed next to the premium gift item. For orders within the USA, please send your donation as a blank US postal money order (no other). If you send a money order from any other source, or send a check, I will have to return your donation and ask you to send  a U.S. postal money order, so please save us both the time and annoyance- send only a blank U.S. postal money order. .

We are not engaged in commerce.

To Obtain Premium Gifts

1. Within the USA

Send a donation as a US postal money order within the USA.
Leave all spaces BLANK on the U.S. postal money order you send as a donation. Do not write my name, your name, or any other information on the postal money order. Make a copy of the entire money order-with stub- and keep it in case of theft or loss. I immediately mark the amount of the donation as well as the premium gift items requested on your envelope when I first open the mail, so you can be sure that I have a record of the amount you sent. For your protection, I never enter names, addresses, E-mail addresses or telephone numbers into my computer. I only write your contact information on your envelope and nowhere else. As a backup, you can always stick a Post It note on the postal money order (or paper clip a piece of paper) with the your name, address, date, and amount sent as a secondary paper trail, but leave the money order itself BLANK. I am no longer in the banking business and now use U.S. postal money orders as a safe way to pay bills, etc. I hope you can understand.

It's a good idea to wrap your money order in a single layer of aluminum foil to make it invisible to X-ray machines or human eyes and place inside a folded sheet of paper, which can be your itemized list for premium gifts or the body of our e-mail exchange, etc. If you feel comfortable about it, include a phone number. If there's a problem, it's much faster to just call you on the phone rather than go through the e-mail rigamaroll. .

Failure to follow these instructions will result in the return of your donation for correction.

Mail to:

K. Adachi
PO Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

2. From Outside the USA

For orders outside of the USA, send me an e-mail ( Ken Adachi, Editor ) with your request and I can provide information for making donations.

Itemize Your E-mail Order
When you send me your e-mail to confrim postage, list the items you desire in a numbered sequence-listing the specific name of the desired item, the suggested donation, and the subtotal for the entire order . E.g.

1. Deluxe Colloidal Sivler generator with AC adapter..$150
2. Harmonic Protector..$48, etc

Subtotal of $198 + shipping

Tell me what state you live in and the ZIP code or what country you live in so I can calculate the postage. Outside the USA, I just need to know the name of the country.

Delivery Time
If I have the item on the shelf and ready to go, I can usually send within a day of receipt. Please note that I mark the date on all mail when I pick it up from the post office. The "delivery clock" starts for me from the pick up date, not from the date that you sent the mail. On average, it takes 4-7 days for First Class mail to be delivered to my post office box from within the USA, and a little longer for overseas mail, unless it was sent by Express or Priority delivery.

If I have to construct or modify the item of interest, please allow 2-4 weeks on average to fill your request. Sometimes it takes longer due to the quantity of orders coming in for handmade items. I'm always interested in delivering as fast as possible as that makes everyone happy, but realize that many of these specialty items are custom made by hand and it takes time to do a proper job. I've received many complimentary letters over the years from people who, despite having to wait a while to receive their items, expressed genuine surprise and satisfaction with the level of craftsmanship invested. When making orgone devices, especially, the more time and attention you pay to meticulous detail, the better the device will work. The degree of conscientiousness that you invest in assembling and finishing the product will have a huge bearing on how well it will "work" in the field.

Verify Receipt of Mail
It takes far too much time to individually notify people by e-mail that I have picked up their mail, yet I realize that many people feel better knowing that I got their donation OK, so the easiest way to confirm receipt is to simply send your mail with a US Postal "Delivery Confirmation" form (within the USA). Using the tracking number on the Delivery Confirmation receipt, the post office web site will verify that your letter was delivered to my PO Box on such and such date ( Please realize that I may not pick up your mail on the same day that it was delivered to the PO Box. .

Registered Mail
Do not send registered or certified mail unless I first pre-arrange it with you. Recently, whenever we attempt to pick up registered or certified mail at the post office, we have to wait 5-10 minutes while the counter clerk checks in with the Gestapo before we get our mail and I'm fed up with it. I realize that some people want to be sure that their letter or donation reaches me, but sending mail that requies a signature is no longer an option. If you live within the USA and send by Priority Mail with Delviery Confirmation or Express mail, there is a tracking number which tells you the status of delivery from the US postal service web site ( When you send a postal money order , you can receive a full refund if the money order is stolen or lost (but this has never happened to date). If you live outside of the USA and want a confirmation from me that I received your donation, include your e-mail address and ask me to e-mail you a note to confirm receipt. If you live inside the USA and want confirmation of receipt, use Delivery Confirmation.

Once again, the mailing address is:

K. Adachi
P.O. Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Voice Mail: (949) 544-1375
E-mail: Ken Adachi, Editor (

Premium Gifts Available

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Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy

Colloidal Silver and the FDA
Novermber 20, 2001
Due to the FTC intimidation/crackdown on alternative items like colloidal silver and the FDA's attempt to assert that colloidal silver should be considered a drug under their jurisdiction, we have removed Colloidal Silver bottles and sprayers (but not colloidal silver generators) from our Products page. For the same reason, we are forced to remove all health claims and testimonials about colloidal silver. Regular visitors to this web site understand the game by now, I'm sure. E mail the Editor if you wish more information and further details about colloidal silver. Consider obtaining your own generator and save yourself all the hassle and expense of obtaining colloidal silver from others.

Colloidal Silver Generators


World's Smallest & Lightest Laser Pointer


Orgone Generators


Succor Punches

Mini Silver Terminator


Harmonic Protector Pendants
The Harmnic Protector developed by Carol Croft is intended to shield against the debilitating effects of electromagnetic radiations. These radiations may include the psychotronic energies being covertly beamed at mind control victims and others who have been covertly implanted with nano-sized implants. A fuller description of the Harmonic Protector can be read at this link. This pendant may offer the shielding that many victims of psychotronic torture and harassment have been looking for. Time will tell. Feedback from wearers would be most appreciated. The pendant is available for a donation of $52 plus $6 Priority shipping with delivery confirmation = $58. (or $55 for 1st Class)

VHS Video Tapes and DVDs (all videos tapes also available on audio cassette tape: see below)

Phil Schneider VHS Video & DVDs

Part 2 (2 hours) $25 plus shipping (Specify Video or DVD)

Part 3 (2 hours) $25 plus shipping (Specify Video or DVD)

Part 4 (2 hours) $25 plus shipping (Specify Video or DVD)

***Package Deal- All four video tapes or four DVDs of Al's Autobiography for $80 plus shipping*****